Why Overwashing Your Hair Can Lead to Dandruff
"Should I wash my hair every day if I have dandruff?” This is not an uncommon question since beauty bloggers, health advocates, and shampoo advertisements provide contradicting opinions. True, washing your hair using your favorite shampoo cleanses the scalp, eliminates excess sebum, and improves the look and feel of your hair. But it can also strip off the natural oils that nourish and protect your scalp.
Aloe Vera: The “Wonder Plant”
Aloe vera is a versatile plant majorly used for its medicinal properties. It is also used as a beauty cosmetic and incorporated into food products. This plant naturally grows in dry, tropical climates, which gives it long, fleshy leaves that are stiff and spiky along the edges. Aloe vera extracts, derived from its succulent leaves, are available in two forms: gel and latex. When aloe vera is cut, a colorless, gel-like pulp is exposed and can be identified as the gel, while the yellow sap that exudes from the plant is latex. Both have medicinal properties.

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