8 Dress Trends That Are Taking Over 2022

Elaine Belcher

The sun is out and so are we! Summer is quickly approaching and the sweet sound of freedom is echoing. With all the built-up anticipation on social media, everyone seems to be aiming to have a hot girl. In 2022, hot girl is all about positivity, empowerment, self-love, and healthy relationships. And what better way to channel that attitude than by dressing up the part?

Summer dresses are a particularly popular choice when it comes to hot girls. From sweet and bubbly floral dresses to risqué semi-sheer ones, there's an assortment of stunning frocks out there, just waiting for you. So, get ready to have your own hot girl summer moment with these amazing dress trends.

1. Short Slips

Last year, midi dresses were all the rage. But this year, short slip dresses are taking center stage. Don't be afraid to show some legs! In summer 2022, opt for satin micro-mini slips for a simple yet sexy look.

While slip dresses generally feature a scoop neckline, don't be afraid to try out different neckline types for a unique fit. For example, this Motel Rocks Paiva Slip Dress features a scooped cowl neck, perfect for a hot and glamorous summer look.

2. Glam Cutouts

After a whole year of staying cooped up at home, now everyone treats any social outing as their personal runway. So, why not make a lasting impression? Don't be afraid to show some skin with a cutout dress.

Flattering and alluring, cutout dresses are a great way to serve an uber-sexy moment without feeling too exposed. Midriff keyhole cutouts, like the one shown on this Shein cutout dress, are particularly huge this season.

3. Open Backs

Take the glam cutout trend to the next level with open-backed dresses. These "naked” pieces will take over the fashion world by a storm this season. Subtle yet stunning, these sexy dresses are simply gorgeous.

Minimalist is the keyword this summer. So, look for a backless dress with a simple silhouette and equally simple pattern. That way, the open-back detail will shine even more. Reformation's Sapphire Dress is the perfect example of this trend. With a relaxed silhouette and summer-esque floral pattern, the criss-cross backless design truly takes center stage. It's the perfect dress for brunches and pool parties.

4. Sweet and Flowy

After a year of staying at home, we've all gotten used to comfy loungewear. So, why not apply the same principle to your dress as well. Flowy and breezy dresses are the epitome of chic this season.

Try picking a flowy dress with summer-inspired details, such as cute patterns, eyelet lace trims, pastel colors, and more. This Zapaka Babydoll Dress is a great example. It has ample space for you to move around and the blue gingham pattern embodies the summer spirit perfectly.

5. Smocked Details

Still not ready to leave the comfort of your bedroom? The cozy smock dress is here to the rescue! These nightgown-esque dresses will make you look gorgeous without sacrificing comfort.

On days when you want to look and feel pretty without trying too much, just take a cute smock dress and you're set! Take a cue from this adorable NAKD Recycled Printed Smock Dress. The puffed sleeves and subtle prints add an air of sweetness without looking overdone.

6. Crochet

Crochet dresses offer a boho-inspired take on the see-through trend. This summer, layer a crochet dress over your swimsuit for a vintage, off-duty model look. Pick your poison, whether you love the mini, midi, or maxi, you cannot go wrong with a crochet dress.

White and off-white crochet dresses are a classic staple. But for this year, don't be afraid to experiment with colorful crochet dresses like this Urban Outfitters' Gigi Mini Dress. The fun color combination will make an awesome ready-to-party outfit.

7. Straps

Earlier this year, TikTok fashionistas rocked the social media fashion scene with various tank top strap hacks. Brands seem to be taking the cue from there. From asymmetrical spaghetti straps to bow-tied straps, there are so many unique strappy styles. And this type, you don't have to follow uncomfortable DIYs to look cute this summer, win-win!

For this summer, the devil is in the details. Overly complicated strap details are too much. Some subtle strap designs with a minimalist silhouette should do the trick. Take a look at H&M's Open-backed Dress. The criss-cross detail at the back looks striking yet somewhat understated, paired with a relaxed and flowy silhouette, this dress is the ultimate summer LBD.

8. Puffy Sleeves

Various fashion aesthetics seem to be growing on social media with cottagecore being one of the most dominant ones. Core styles from the cottagecore aesthetic seem to be influencing mainstream fashion trends as well. Puffy sleeves are one of them. This cute and vintage-inspired style will be all the rage.

It's all about the short, princess-like puffs this summer. That said, don't go overboard with the princess-inspired look. The puffy sleeves should be paired with a minimalist silhouette overall. Take this Rose Dress Floral Puff Mini Dress, for example. The sweet yet simple A-line silhouette makes the dress look chic without being over-the-top.

Closing Thoughts

You can never go wrong with summer dresses. Sweet and breezy, they're a great way to stay cool and gorgeous on a hot summer day. Plus, the right dress will help you channel positive energy this summer. That way, you'll finally be able to have your very own hot girl summer moment.

So, which summer dress trend will you be adding to your collection this summer?